Production Turning and Machining

The production process we use can produce turned parts from many materials, including:

If needed, we can help ensure your products are designed with manufacturing in mind.

•  Steel
•  Stainless Steel
•  Brass and Bronze
•  Copper and Copper Alloys
•  Titanium
•  Many different plastics

Assembly and Finishing Processes

We can support products that required additional processing including but not limited to:

•  Heat Treatment
•  Welding
•  Brazing
•  Zinc Plating and other plating types
•  Black Oxide
•  Vibratory Finishing
•  Cleanliness specifications
•  Thread Inspection Processes


There are many packaging options we can use from custom dunnage to support your assembly operations to large bulk packaging to minimize storage space and costs. 

•  Custom Dunnage
•  Large Bulk Packaging
•  Crates and Pallets
•  Preservation Packaging


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